Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy
Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy
Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy
Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy
Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy

Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy

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This Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy is SO versatile! Use the acorns for loose play parts, use them to learn colors, or use them for letter recognition and counting.

Each little acorn has been wood burned with a number and each pot has number dots. They come in their own handy storage bag so they can easily be picked up by little hands and stored, or slipped into a backpack or purse for on the go play.

The Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy can be used in so many ways:

☑️Take it along in a backpack or purse for play at a restaurant, doctors waiting room, or other "wait-time" location.
☑️Putting the acorns in and out of the bean pots is great fine motor skill work.
☑️Use the acorns to learn different colors in the color spectrum... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, pink, black, and white.
☑️Use the acorns to teach children number recognition. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (and even 0).
☑️Use the pots and acorns together to help children match written numbers with number dots and practice counting.
☑️Use the pots and or acorns to do math problems with your children. (Example: Put the red (1) and Yellow (3) on the table to the side and ask the child to find the acorn that 1 and 3 add up to 1+3=4 Green(4)... you can use the number dot pots to assist children in counting the dots to get the answer!
☑️Stack the pots inside of each other to build a tall tower and knock it down!

Get this amazingly valuable Rainbow Acorn Counting Toy for the child in your life today and see what other ideas they can come up with to play. Open ended play is an amazing way for kids to expand their minds.

Materials: Wood,Colored Pencil,Non toxic sealer

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