DIY Kit Resource Page

Congratulations on embarking on the open-ended, fun, creative process of making peg dolls!

This page is full of some of my favorite resources for you to complete your DIY Peg Doll or DIY Clothes Pin doll kit.  Make sure to share your creative process and final product with #KateandCaboodleDIY so I can see all your fun creations!

DIY Peg Doll Kit

In your kit you have three acrylic paints, two paint brushes, and two peg dolls.  You have endless options on what to do with your peg dolls.  You can simply paint them.  You can prime with a color, then add details with colored pencils or additional paint.  You can glue on yarn, glitter, pipe cleaners, leaves, acorn tops, etc. 




Check out my Peg Doll Pinterest page for inspiration!

DIY Clothes Pin Doll Kit

My favorite clothes pin doll to make is a pom-pom doll, which is why your kit includes a pom-pom maker template and yarn.  You could also simply paint the clothes pins, wrap them in thread/yarn, or color them with crayons or pencils.  



Check out my Clothes Pin Doll Pinterest page for inspiration!

Here is a great video from The Crafts Channel for making the Pom Pom Peg Doll using the supplies in your kit.